Facebook and Comment Policy

Update: our moderation procedure is currently being overhauled for the 2015/16 year. Until the new procedure has been implemented, the below policy should be considered in full effect. Keep an eye on the iFemSoc group for updates on the moderation overhaul, particularly if you wish to be involved in the new policy. 

We first of all ask want to state that the following is in no way an attempt to stifle debate, but an attempt to keep our members safe.

As a KCLSU society, all our practices run under the banner of the KCLSU Safe Space Policy. You can take the time to read it.

Over the last year, we have had regular problems with people (generally white men) coming in to our Facebook group and acting insensitively towards our members of colour. These instances were not acted upon quick enough by the moderators at the time, and so, after much debate, we have come up with a policy.

Basically, it involves, according to what we think is appropriate given the circumstances of the debate in hand, either, in the first instance, an *official warning* by any moderator that a thread has been flagged as problematic and will be closed if members continue to ignore the safe-space policy; or, in the second instance, the *closing* of a thread due its some or all of its content being inappropriate, offensive, unproductive, and not in the spirit of our space policy.

This warning/closing of a thread will take the form of a *short statement* to be posted by any of our moderators, who should take it upon themselves to first discuss with as many other moderators as it possible if the move is necessary and appropriate.

They will be as follows:

(1)    ‘The committee have flagged this conversation as problematic and advise all members to ensure they are arguing in the spirit of the IntFemSoc’s safe space policy before continuing. If this fails to happen, and members continue to cause offence, further steps will be taken as debate on this forum should always be productive and safe for all of our members.’

(2)    ‘The committee have flagged this conversation as offensive, unproductive, and no longer appropriate to our safe space policy. As a result we ask all members to stop commenting.’

Anyone who continues to comment after (2) has been issued will be banned for one week. We will also ensure that we contact the relevant contributors of any discussion in which (2) has been issued in order to resolve matters privately, as we do not wish to silence members who have grievances to bear.

If for whatever reason problems with disruptive people cannot be resolved privately, or, after a week ban more problems ensue, said individuals will be permanently removed from participating in the facebook group.

Moderators who able to post these statements include and are limited to: Imaan, Naila, Sarah, Maia, Cicely, Rahma, Georgie, Zohal, Amardeep. Anyone else who uses these statements will be banned permanently from the group.

As we have stated above, this is not a measure to stifle debate, but simply to protect our members in what is supposed to be a safe space. We do not tolerate women’s lived experiences to be questioned or minimised. We do not tolerate actively antagonistic behaviour. We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind.

In addition, if any member of the group is harassing you, or using the group as a means to intimidate you and make you feel unsafe, please contact a moderator or a member of the committee. Your complaint will be reviewed by a minimum of three people in the strictest of confidence, and if the complaint is upheld, the offending member will be permanently banned.

Now, let’s have a nice, fun chat, eh?


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