We are the Intersectional Feminist Society from King’s College London. Founded in 2012, we have gone from a few people meeting in a bar to a large and diverse community of over 1,000 members. We were nominated for Best New Society at KCLSU in 2013, and have grown into an active society on campus that has pushed feminism onto the agenda in the student community.

We are a society that seeks to create an environment for students to interact with modern feminism as well as be active anti-sexists on campus. We work closely with KCLSU, and other liberation groups to achieve this. But what does “intersectionality” mean?¬†Intersectionality is the reality that different systems of oppression intermingle. The result of this, for example, is that oppression some women face as women cannot be separated from their race (or sexuality, or class etc).

We regularly hold events such as talks and discussions, and we have a thriving Facebook group for discussion, as well as a reading group, a community of artists, and a Facebook page for our events. Also, feel free to join our mailing list for more regular updates on the work that we do.

The committee for 2016/17 is:
Co- Presidents: Imaan Ashraf and Naila Tasnim
Secretary: Sarah Parry
Treasurer: Amardeep Chawla
Welfare Officers: Maia Blumburg and Cicely Jordan
LGBT Rep: Georgie Spearing
BME Rep: Rahma Hussein
Interfaith Officer: Zohal Shafiq

Feel free to get in touch individually with us, or send us an email about any concerns you have.

If you wish to pitch or submit an article or blog to us, or to get in touch about anything, please e-mail us here. We want to hear from you!


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