The motions we are backing/opposing for AGM 2016

KCL Intersectional Feminist Society have considered the motions put forward at the KCLSU’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), and have found two motions in particular to bring to the attention of our members.

We strongly urge all iFemSoc members to show their support for the following motion(s):

Create a Trans Officer for Student Council – The universality of non-straight experience and politics has been routinely greatly overstated. For this reason we believe, just as our society has a dedicated trans officer, so too should KCLSU to field the plentiful trans-specific student issues a cisgender LGB rep may not reasonably be expected to know how to handle.

We would also encourage all iFemSoc members to consider voting against the following motion to restructure the full-time sabbatical officer team:

Student Officer Structure – The motion proposes to replace the current positions of President, Vice President of Activities and Development, Vice President Education (Health), Vice President Education (Arts and Science) and Vice President of Welfare and Community, with the positions of Union Development Officer, Postgraduate Health Officer, Undergraduate Health Officer, Postgraduate Arts and Sciences Officer and Undergraduate Arts and Sciences Officer.

We believe this restructuring to be detrimental to the liberation efforts of (minority) students at King’s. It is important to realise that KCLSU is a place that does not solely focus on the academic needs of students, but also empowers students to enact change – as we have seen through the many liberation campaigns that have successfully taken place over the past few years. The restructuring has the very real possibility of side-lining liberation efforts and the voices of minority students like ethnic and religious minorities, LGBT+ and international students.

Additionally, students have not sufficiently been consulted about the proposed restructuring of the Union. Without the mediation process where Associations could get involved, and write clauses into the job descriptions of each role, we are now left with a motion that asks for a restructuring that can be abused to have no welfare attentions what so ever.

Furthermore, the data used to create this structure has not been shared by the student officer team or KCLSU staff – therefore it is impossible to know when the data was collected, who was consulted and how this data fed into the creation of the proposed structure.

Restructuring the Union is a very big decision and should not be taken lightly. It has been rightfully suggested that more time ought to have been given for students to be consulted and amendments made, so that the motion and the debate around it did not bypass the the student body. We strongly believe that such an important motion should not be left at the discretion of the 76 students present on the day (0.003% of the entire student body). It is also important to consider how, as a result of the new AGM format, those voting online will not even have been able to hear and think on the points raised in the debate at the meeting on Thursday.

Lastly, we want to take the time to stress that we are not seeking to demonise or attack the student officer team for their attempts to restructure the union. In many ways we are incredibly grateful for their efforts to engage a larger student body. As heard during the debate at AGM, we believe that the creation of postgraduate officer roles is extremely valuable, but we do not believe that postgraduate involvement should come at the expense of welfare and liberation. We also insist that the process of restructuring ought to be more democratic and inclusive of the student body.

The vast majority of you were not have able to attend the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 4th February, but you still have the opportunity to vote online – or make necessary amendments if you have voted already – via www.kclsu.org/studentvoice/agm .

Remember voting closes on Monday 8th February at 9am!



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