Do You Want to Write For Us?

Blog Article Topics/Ideas.


Introduction: These are topics that are two parts supposed to inspire you to write your own ideas, but also one part really important perspectives on intersectional feminism that we would appreciate being written about.

If you want to tackle any of these topics, or need help/advice on how to approach them, please get in touch with one of the committee members.

General guide for length: Our blog is long-form, so 500-1,500 words is where most posts fall. If you think you can write an insightful article in less, give it a go, you may have the editor return it to you asking for more depth, but there’s no penalty for submitting something short. There is no official upper limit, if you feel like you can keep readers hooked, keep writing!


On disability, dyslexia and writing standards: Our primary concern is getting your writing out there, and creating a space for you. If you have any worries about your level of English, or communication abilities, I am happy to work with you to create a piece of work you’re happy with. On our side of things: it’s the message communicated that we’re interested in, not the oxford comma.

  • What is intersectional feminism to me?
    • I am happy for literally 1,000 different versions of this article being written. For this article, you’d be expected to really investigate your own conception of feminism, who you are and how that affects your relationship with feminism, and the learning curve it was to meet people with differing perspectives. Anyone can write this article, and the more you put into it, the richer it will be. Put yourself and your feminism under the microscope, challenge yourself, but also challenge others to make space for who you are in feminism. 
  • iFemSoc event review.
    • This is one of the most important articles you can write, and it’s probably also the easiest. All you have to do is attend an iFemSoc event and then write about the experience. Use your favourite bits, what you wish could have been included, and even suggestions for future events. Many people can’t get to our events, so you reporting back is incredibly important. It also helps us know what’s working and how to make the society better.
  • Reading “X”.
  • Anonymous Posts.
    • KCLiFemSoc aims to provide a platform for women and non-binary individuals in whatever way they need. Sometimes this includes a safe – anonymous – space to post anecdotes and survivor stories about their lives. If you wish to use this space to speak out about situations while ensuring your privacy and safety there are two ways you can do this: 1. email us from your private account, and I can ensure personal discretion. or 2. create a new/throwaway email account, and communicate solely through those messages. For more information/support, please do get in touch.
  • Fashion/Style/Beauty – Reclaiming Feminine Tropes.
    • Articles on reclaiming – and rejoicing – in fashion, style and beauty is important to us as it breaks the limitations others put on “feminists” on what they should look like, sound like, and enjoy. When writing an article under this topic, there are something you should consider yourself aware of:
    • Appropriation theory. iFemSoc enshrines intersectionality and this is done by ensuring that appropriation is called out. If you’re covering a topic that falls under this, please do so with appropriation theory in mind.
    • Thinking outside the fashion binary. Posts which explore queer fashion, and/or fashion that challenges typical notions of the gender binary, are always going to be far more interesting. But most importantly, when writing fashion/style posts, stay clear from transphobic language that excludes trans and non-binary individuals. If you personally have no experience in that area – that’s fine, you’re not expected to talk for people, just don’t exclude them.
    • Remember, articles which challenge the status quo are always more interesting to read, and most importantly, more politically dissonant.
  • Current Events.
    • There are two ways of approaching these articles. The first is a rapid-fire response to something you read/saw on the news in the past day or so. The main aim of this style is to bring a recent news story to the attention of fellow iFems & does not need to be heavily editorialised (although, that is welcome.) The second is a weightier post where you investigate a theme or event that has happened, perhaps you have a personal connection to the story, or can provide people with a better understanding of the situation. We’d expect the latter posts to be longer, and far more intimate. As always, get in touch if you need some support when approaching this topic.
  • What’s Going on at King’s.
    • Do you have a campaign idea that you want others to hear? Are you feeling isolated by the pale, male & stale academic atmosphere? Did you see something awful/great/worrying, and want to share the experience? Seeing how The Tab is trash, use kcl iFemSoc as a space to express yourself instead. We’re not selling your words for clickbait, so you know your musings are not being used to support the patriarchy.
  • Dear Freshers.
    • For the 2nd years, 3rd years, and those of you who have stayed on to do a masters here at King’s. There are many things you wished you knew when you started University, especially when it comes to liberation, politics and safe spaces. Pass on that knowledge in any way you see fit.













I will update this list as it goes, as mentioned earlier, if you have your own idea 99% of the time, that’s best thing to go with! If you have any ideas to add to this list, that is also definitely welcome.


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