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#Piggate: Is it just me or did David Cameron get off lightly?

TW – Sexual acts with a pig discussed.

See below to visit Jerry Richardson’s blog (fellow iFemSoc member) and read about her musings on the #Piggate affair.


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Lord Ashcroft has made some fairly hearty accusations/revelations (which, we will probably never know) about David Cameron’s Oxford University year, yet all we seem to have taken from his unofficial autobiography is that he might have put his dick in a dead pig’s face. Though a hilarious story to report, with or without the puns, the truth of the matter is that, it’s far less enlightening to focus on the perhaps-presence of a dead pig, when it comes to the morality of the man running our country. Especially when compared to the claims that as part of his initiation he burned paper money in front of a homeless man, trashed a restaurant before throwing money at the waiter who tried to stop him and hired strippers to serve him and other members of the Piers Gaveston society their breakfast.

Though depressing, it is hardly surprising to me that the national…

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