The motions we’re backing for the KCLSU AGM 2015

We strongly urge all iFemSoc members to show their support for the following motions at the fast-approaching AGM on Thursday. If you cannot attend the AGM please head on over to the KCLSU website to vote by proxy here: http://www.kclsu.org/studentvoice/agm/

In particular we want to single out three motions that we believe are crucial:

1) The first is the Counter Terrorism Security Bill which is set to go through parliament on the 29th of this month. The bill essentially calls for lecturers to spy on their students for “signs of radicalisation”. The Counter-Terrorism and Security Bill will transform universities into places of surveillance.

“Signs of radicalisation” include:
– “Questioning western media reporting”
– “A desire for moral or political change”
– “Relevant mental health issues”
– “Disagreeing with UK foreign policy”

This is a blatant attack on the civil liberties of students at universities – compromising the very principles of free speech. This further undermines the very core of universities by stifling debate/ discussion.
Thus, we implore all iFemSoc members to VOTE FOR the motion put forward by Interfaith Officer Noor Khan (among others) calling on Ed Byrnes to disassociate King’s College London from monitoring its students in this manner.

2) We ask that everyone support the Lad Culture motion proposed by Hareem Ghani (and backed by our Society). According to an NUS report released in mid-September, 1/4 students experience sexual harassment during their time at university. Thus this motion calls for KCLSU to support iFemSoc and NUS’ efforts to combat lad culture on campus via sexual consent workshops (among other initiatives). Additionally, the Lad Culture motion calls for KCLSU to sign up to Good Night Out: a campaign dedicated to ending sexual harassment at student venues (local pubs, theatres, bars etc.) by training members of staff and security. The training will ensure that staff know how to appropriately handle cases is sexual harassment, including how to speak to students who may be in distress. The obvious aim of the Good Night Out Campaign would be to ensure students feel safe reporting incidents of sexual assault (or even other types of abuses), and can trust that their reports will be appropriately handled/ taken seriously. The fundamental aim of this Campaign is to innovate zero tolerance training resources for students’ union staff as part of a national strategy to combat lad culture. Besides, this society has done a lot of work this year in terms of tackling lad culture and ran an open meeting last term to begin a strategy on this –– we’ve held an audit meeting to look in the College and Union policy on the issue, we’ve had volunteers trained to deliver consent workshops, have worked with Roar! to get stories on assault listened to, and have been looking into other ways to tackle lad culture on campus with the College and SU. This motion will simply formally pass work that we’re already doing, and your support for it is crucial.

3) We’ve also submitted a motion to look into funding more liberation sabbatical officers. The sheer amount of work this society has taken on is testament to the necessity of an officer to work full-time on liberation issues and to be paid for their efforts. As we’re an intersectional society, we believe that further research and consultation needs to be done on how to implement this in a way that addresses the concerns of the various liberation groups at King’s (Ethnic Minorities, Disabled, LGBT, and Womens’) without having one predominate over the other. To this end, we’ve submitted a motion that asks the SU to undertake this research and consultation process to look into finding and acquiring the funds to elect/employ full-time liberation officers with a view to implementation in 2016-17 (which is the timeframe it would take even if we were able to pass a motion this year calling for one specific new sabbatical officer). The need for this could not be more evident, given the mounting concerns of each group in question and the need for more robust representation of marginalised groups in the sabbatical officers as well as to ensure that our voices are heard where it’s most important that they are.

Make sure to come to the AGM on Thursday at 6:30, or ensure that you vote online!


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