An update from us

We hope the first month of the new term has gone well!

We have a lot going on at the moment, and the last month has gone well for us. We hosted an incredibly powerful event with the Kashmiri Students’ Campaign on the institutionalised sexual violence the women of Kashmir face, organised a training session for volunteers to deliver consent workshops, and held a successful open meeting to plan a conference as part of our Black Women, White Uni? campaign.

Next week, we’ve got a lot coming up for you:

We’re co-hosting a panel on Tuesday as part of the Ferguson Solidarity Tour at King’s on police brutality. The speakers will include the co-founder of Black Lives Matter, Patrisse Cullors; the widow of Jimmy Mubenga who died while being deported on a place held down by G4S security guards; Professor Ben Bowling, a worldwide expert on stop and search and criminologist at King’s College London; and Shanice McBean, ex-KCL Intersectional Feminist Society President, activist and alumnus. Find details here. 

Wednesday, 28th January, at 2pm in the Skills Room, Macadam Bulding, we’re running a reading group session on Race, Gender and the Body in British Immigration Control. We’ll be reading a chapter on the subject of virginity testing on South Asian women by British border control in the 1970s. The PDF and other details are available at the Facebook event here. 

The same evening, we’ll be running a workshop on knowing your rights against discrimination at the workplace and your legal rights if you choose to attend a protest/demonstration. This will be a crucial session, particularly in a climate where arrests at demonstrations are increasingly frequent and information on legal recourse if you’ve faced workplace discrimination is rare. Find more details here. 

We also have a call from the student newspaper, Roar!, on submitting a variety of stories about students’ experiences of assault and harassment at university, or micro-aggressions indicative of a culture that enables assault and harassment. Find more details about how to submit your story here. 

We also have an upcoming event for the first week of February, celebrating LGBT+ history month. We’ll be doing a poetry night at SOAS on queer feminisms. More details here. 

As always, we would love to hear from you! Feel free to join our Facebook groups, and tweet at us, or email us at kclfemsoc@gmail.com. Have a wonderful week!


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