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We’re launching a campaign to tackle lad culture – and need your help!

The Intersectional Feminist Society had a very productive meeting the Friday before last with our Vice President of Welfare and Community at KCLSU, Jamie Sweeney, about KCLSU’s strategy on lad culture and what we can do as a society to help. We agreed at that meeting work with the NUS Lad Culture campaign as well as launch a campaign of our own to make tackling lad culture on campus as effective as possible.

To do this, we’ll be asking for your help and participation. We’ll be splitting up into three groups to try get this done: 

(i) an audit team, that will work with KCLSU to uncover the College’s current policies (or the lack of them) on sexual assault and harassment and to reveal what institutional procedures are currently in place. It was agreed that transparency on what procedures and institutional mechanisms are currently in place is crucial; and this would be a helpful starting point to push ideas of our own.

(ii) a team that wants to be involved in developing and delivering consent workshops. We’re still discussing who to deliver them to – halls and societies were discussed as starting points. It was generally agreed that it would be feasible to get them running by January in time for Refresher’s.

(iii) a team that wants to be involved in setting up a social media and print campaign around this, that would collect anonymised stories about students’ experiences of lad culture on campus and the College’s response to them. This would also involve soliciting people to get involved with a video pledge, and build a coherent print and social media campaign around the cause.

If you’re interested in getting involved with any one of these specific sub-groups, coming along to any of these smaller group meetings, or just want to be added to the mailing list, email us at We can’t wait to hear from you and to work on building a campaign tackling lad culture at King’s!


If you want to write for us, come check out our Writing Topics Page. Or if you want to find more fantastic intersectional articles from us, go check out our Contents Page


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