KCLSU Student Council

Student Council Candidates endorsed by KCL Intersectional Feminist Society

This is the official list of candidates that the KCL Intersectional Feminist Society endorses for the Student Council elections that end this Wednesday. We hope this list reflects candidates that we believe are of a high calibre and who take liberation issues that are important to this society seriously and will vote in favour of liberation policies at Student Council this coming year. We recognise that there are several wonderful candidates competing for the same position and therefore could not endorse them – but we hope that regardless of whether the candidates we endorse are elected, the Council for next year will be one that is committed to policies of liberation, anti-discrimination, and justice. Regardless of which way you vote, we encourage you to exercise your vote!

Women’s Officer: Hareem Ghani
Arts and Humanities Representative: Alex McKenzie
Institute of Psychiatry Representative: Amy Gillespie
Nursing: Pearl Sakoane
NUS Delegate: Ahmed Kerwan, Duaa Khair, Emily Ritchey, Nadine Al-m, Natalie Faber, Nikolas Jovčić-Sas
Societies Officer: Amanie El-alfy
Sports Officer: Joe Simpson
Student Media: Lund Dulcie
Disabled Students’ Officer: Nicole Walsh
Environment and Ethics Officer: Alberto Torres
Ethnic Minorities Officer: Ovia Nagulendram
Interfaith Officer: Noor Khan
International Students’ Officer: Elijah Hezekiah
LGBT Officer: Ben Hunt


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